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Mary Pickford
(1893/04/08 - 1979/05/29)

Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford
Gladys Marie Smith

Actriz canadiense

Nació el 8 de abril de 1893 en Toronto, Ontario, Canadá.

Consiguió llegar a ser la persona más poderosa en Hollywood. Sus roles femeninos, ingenuos, de "niñita buena", eran más populares que el vagabundo de Charlie Chaplin.

A los 24 años, no sólo fue millonaria, sino la primera que hubo en Hollywood.

Durante veinte años, encarna el arquetipo de mujer-niña, encantadora. Aparecería por primera vez en un escenario con seis años, junto a su hermana Lottie y su hermano Jack.

Trabajó en The Littlest Fire, La cabaña del Tío Tom, Little Red Schoolhouse, y otras obras edificantes. The Warrens of Virginia, es la confirmación de su fama de niña prodigio y anima estrenarse en el cine.

Conoce a Griffith, que la hace intervenir, como ensayo, en su serie burlesca The Jones Family, pero aún no es protagonista. Consigue la fama tras aparecer en: El teléfono (The Lonely Villa), La niña (The Litle Darling); La maestrita (The Little Teacher); La muchacha de Arcadia (An Arcadian Maid); Wilful Peggy, etc.

En el año 1911 abandona la Biograph para entrar en la IMP (Independent Motion Pictures) de Carl Laemmle, donde aparece en varias películas bajo la dirección de Thomas Ince y George Loane Tucker. Al dejarla, se pasa a la Majestic Pictures de Harry Aitken. Aparece en Lena and the Geese, A Pueblo Legend, My Baby, y sobre todo El sombrero de Nueva York (The New York Hat). Se casa el 7 de enero de 1911 con Owen Moore.

Pretende regresar a sus inicios, al volver a hacer teatro en 1913, en una adaptación de A Good Little Devil de la condesa de Ségur. A partir de ese momento, comenzará a obtener numerosos éxitos. Firma un contrato con la Paramount. Cobra mil dólares por semana, cifra que se multiplicará por diez a los dos años. También fue productora y guionista. En 1919 funda junto a David Wark Griffith, Charles Chaplin y Douglas Fairbanks la productora United Artists.

Mary Pickford falleció el 29 de mayo de 1979 en Santa Mónica, California.

Premios Óscar

1976 Óscar Honorífico
1929 Mejor actriz - Coquette


1947 High Fury
1945 Gaslight Follies
1933 Secrets
1931 Kiki
1929 The Taming of the Shrew
1929 Coquette
1927 Kiss for Mary Pickford
1927 My Best Girl
1927 The Gaucho
1926 Sparrows
1925 Little Annie Rooney
1924 Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
1923 Hollywood
1923 Rosita
1922 Tess of the Storm Country
1921 Little Lord Fauntleroy
1921 Through the Back Door
1921 The Love Light
1921 Thru Back Door
1920 Suds
1920 Pollyanna
1919 Captain Kidd, Jr.
1919 Heart O' the Hills
1919 Hoodlum
1919 Daddy Long Legs
1919 The Hoodlum
1918 How Could You, Jean?
1918 Johanna Enlists
1918 Amarilly of Clothesline Alley
1918 Stella Maris
1918 M'Liss
1917 A Poor Little Rich Girl
1917 A Romance of the Redwoods
1917 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1917 Little Princess
1917 The Pride of the Clan
1917 Little American
1916 Poor Little Peppina
1916 The Foundling
1916 The Eternal Grind
1916 Less Than the Dust
1916 Hulda from Holland
1915 Rags
1915 A Girl of Yesterday
1915 Cinderella
1915 The Foundling
1915 Esmeralda
1915 The Dawn of a Tomorrow
1915 Fanchon the Cricket
1915 Mistress Nell
1915 Madame Butterfly
1915 Little Pal
1914 Hearts Adrift
1914 His Last Dollar
1914 A Good Little Devil
1914 Behind the Scenes
1914 Such a Little Queen
1914 Tess of the Storm Country
1913 In the Bishop's Carriage
1913 The Unwelcome Guest
1913 Fate
1913 Caprice
1912 The Narrow Road
1912 My Baby
1912 The Mender of Nets
1912 Lena and the Geese
1912 A Lodging for the Night
1912 The New York Hat
1912 Fate's Interception
1912 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills
1912 A Child's Remorse
1912 A Beast at Bay
1912 Iola's Promise
1912 The Inner Circle
1912 Home Folks
1912 The Informer
1912 An Indian Summer
1912 Just Like a Woman
1912 With the Enemy's Help
1912 Friends
1912 The Female of the Species
1912 The Old Actor
1912 A Pueblo Legend
1912 The One She Loved
1912 So Near, Yet So Far
1912 The Schoolteacher and the Waif
1912 A Siren of Impulse
1911 In Old Madrid
1911 The House That Jack Built
1911 The Aggressor
1911 In the Sultan's Garden
1911 The Italian Barber
1911 Little Nell's Tobacco
1911 For Her Brother's Sake
1911 Her Awakening
1911 Artful Kate
1911 A Decree of Destiny
1911 Dream
1911 A Dog's Tale
1911 Little Red Riding Hood
1911 When a Man Loves
1911 Three Sisters
1911 Conscience
1911 The Better Way
1911 The Message in the Bottle
1911 A Manly Man
1911 Their First Misunderstanding
1911 The Rose's Story
1911 Mirror
1910 The Call to Arms
1910 Ramona
1910 An Affair of Hearts
1910 In the Season of Buds
1910 Little Angels of Luck
1910 In the Border States
1910 The Iconoclast
1910 A Gold Necklace
1910 Muggsy's First Sweetheart
1910 Never Again
1910 Love Among the Roses
1910 Muggsy Becomes a Hero
1910 May and December
1910 The Newlyweds
1910 As It is in Life
1910 Call
1910 An Arcadian Maid
1910 The Griffith Biographs
1910 A Flash of Light
1910 Examination Day at School
1910 The Face at the Window
1910 A Child's Impulse
1910 The Englishman and the Girl
1910 A Child's Stratagem
1910 The Woman from Mellon's
1910 Usurer
1910 A Victim of Jealousy
1910 The Unchanging Sea
1910 The Two Brothers
1910 The Twisted Trail
1910 White Roses
1910 Wilful Peggy
1910 Waiter No. 5
1910 When We Were in Our Teens
1910 What the Daisy Said
1910 A Plain Song
1910 Serious Sixteen
1910 Simple Charity
1910 The Song of the Wildwood Flute
1910 A Romance of the Western Hills
1910 A Rich Revenge
1910 The Thread of Destiny
1910 Sunshine Sue
1910 That Chink at Golden Gulch
1910 Smoker
1910 A Summer Tragedy
1910 The Sorrows of the Unfaithful
1909 The Seventh Day
1909 The Son's Return
1909 Slave
1909 A Strange Meeting
1909 The Renunciation
1909 The Sealed Room
1909 The Restoration
1909 The Peachbasket Hat
1909 In Old Kentucky
1909 The Awakening
1909 A Midnight Adventure
1909 A Sweet Revenge
1909 Tender Hearts
1909 To Save Her Soul
1909 They Would Elope
1909 Test
1909 The Fascinating Mrs. Francis
1909 The Faded Lilies tor
1909 The Deception
1909 The Gibson Goddess
1909 Getting Even
1909 Her First Biscuits
1909 Sweet and Twenty
1909 The Country Doctor
1909 The Children's Friend
1909 The Broken Locket
1909 The Cardinal's Conspiracy
1909 Oh, Uncle!
1909 The Lonely Villa
1909 The Little Teacher
1909 The Little Darling
1909 The Necklace
1909 The Mexican Sweethearts
1909 The Mountaineer's Honor
1909 His Duty
1909 His Wife's Visitor
1909 His Lost Love
1909 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
1909 The Light That Came
1909 In the Watches of the Night
1909 The Indian Runner's Romance
1908 Mrs. Jones Entertains


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