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Sergey Brin - Biography

(1973/08/21 - Unknown)

Sergey Brin - Biography

Serguéi Brin
Sergey Brin
Serguey Brin
Sergey Mijáilovich Brin

Computer scientist and businessman

He was born on August 21, 1973 in Moscow, Soviet Union, now Russia.

His family, of Jewish religion, emigrated to the United States when he was six years old, because of the lack of opportunities for advancement in Russian society. Eugenia Brin´s son, researcher at the Goddar Space Flight Center of NASA, and Michael Brin, a mathematics teacher at the university of Maryland, who encouraged his interest in mathematics. Brin had de opportunity to come back to Moscow after 11 years, thanks to a exchange programme for the best students in mathematics.

He studied at Pain Branch Montessori School (Adelphi, Maryland) where he was unnoticed among his colleagues but not among his teacers. At high school he developed a software allowing to compose music in different styles. After, he went to the University of Maryland to study Mathematics and Computer Science. Then he did some projects like Fleetic, a social network like Twitter, but was not very successful. He graduated in 1993 with honours, and began his postgraduate studies at Stanford University, grant holder from the National Science Foundation. In that year he was working at Wolfram Research, the inventor of the company Mathematica.

He met Larry Page at the orientation´s conferences for new students at Stanford University. At first sight he did not get on with Sergey Brin, they seemed to disagree on almost everything but soon they became friends and they started sharing ideas, especially his mathematical interest in the World Wide Web. Together they wrote an article "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine".

Combining ideas they started to fill their shared bedrooms with cheap computers, and they started to check news search engines in the web. Their project grew quickly and in 1996 they created BackRub, a Google´s predecessor search engine, based on PageRank´s technology patented. The project showed to be an excellent search engine, so they decided to give up the university and to employ their full time to their project. They requested financial support to friends, teachers and family for buying servers and for renting a garage in Menlo Park, California.

Afterwards, Sun Microsystems gave to them a check with the amount of $100.000 on behalf of Google Inc, but there was a problem because the company had not been created yet. Finally they funded Google in 1998. Google was the last name because of its similarity with the term GOGOL which in English is the number 10 to 100, in reference with the amount of information they were trying to organize.

After one year they had a budget of $25 millions, and they moved their offices to Googlepex, current headquarters in Mountain View, California. In 2004 the company went to the stock exchange and since then its shares have had a stratospheric growth.

Google is a company with a market capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars and one of the most innovative companies in the world. Several times a year they update their product, eliminating some of them and putting others new into service.

Over the years, Google has gone from being a company focused on a search engine to cover a wide spectrum of industries. They have presented cars that are driven by themselves, autonomous robots and even nanoparticles to identify and to cure cancer.

Page was the responsible for the company day to day; however Brin was the responsible for the special projects. In January 2011, Google announced that Eric Schmidt would take Page´s place in April, as executive director. On April 4, 2011 Page became the Google´s official executive president. In 2014, Larry Page designated Sundar Pichai as a Google product manager, in that way he could focus on others projects and in the business.

Google INC., has been awarded with many prizes. In 2004 they were awarded with the Marconi Fellows, and Sergei Brin has spoken at several academic forums, business and international technology, including the Wold Economic Forum and the Conference on Technology Entertainment and Design.

He got married on May 5, 2007 with Anne Wojcicki in Bahamas. The wedding was celebrated in a sandbank, with 60 guest, where different traditions were mixed, ( they were married wearing swimsuit, and instead rice they celebrated the wedding with a water fight). Anne is biotechnologist graduated in Yale,1996, with a dregree in biology. She met Brit thanks to her sister Susan, who sublet the garage into the house he inhabited. The ´affaire´ between Sergey Brin and the Google Glass model, Amanda Rosenberg, not only broke his marriage, but also deteriorated their relationship with the search engine founder, Larry Page, who stopped to speak with Sergey Brin for a while.

Eugenia Brin, Sergey´s mother, was diagnosed with Parkinson´s, in 2008, he made a huge donation to the School of Medicine, University of Maryland, where his mother was treated. He has inherited, like his brother, a genetic mutation indicating predisposition to the disease: he has 50% chance of developing it.

Like his mother, he also has interest beyond the planted, and he believes in the exploration and in the commercial development of the space frontier. He is co-founder of Orbital Mission Explores Circle, a company dedicated to the space tourism. Also, he put aside for the competition to bring an unmanned spacecraft to the moon.

He likes cooking, diving, kite surfing, skiing and biking.


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